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Pumpkin Carving
It's almost Halloween! We celebrated the season by carving pumpkins at school. We bought two pumpkins, one for Ladybug Class, and one for Grasshopper class. Each student took a turn drawing a part of the face on the pumpkin.

When the spooky faces were drawn, the teacher cut the top of the pumpkin off! Everyone had to dig in and remove all the pumpkin guys and seeds. It was so slimy!

Once the insides were clean, we could start carving the face of the jack-o-lanterns. It was really difficult, so the teachers helped everyone cut a section.

Before we turned off the lights, we put a candle in each pumpkin. The fire gives the jack-o-lantern an eerie glow.

Ladybugs' Pumpkin

Grasshoppers' Pumpkin

It was a lot of work, but so much fun. We can't wait to go trick or treating next week!

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Keio Rail Land
Choo! Choo! All aboard! Let's go to Keio Rail Land!

At Keio Rail Land we can see all the different Keio trains and buses. Let's drive the bus. The driver sits behind the wheel, and the passengers sit in the back seats. Don't forget to push the button if you want to get off!

You can also practice driving a train. Push the lever forward to go, and pull the lever back to stop. Don't forget to stop the train at the station to let all the passengers on!

Let's dress up! Who wants to be a train conductor?


We can also build our own railway! We can add tunnels, bridges, crossings and more. Look at the trains go! How far can they travel?

Let's take one last ride around the museum. Chuga, Chuga, Chuga, Chuga, Choochoo!

They have all kinds of trains! Do you know that Keio Line is 101 years old? Let's go into the old train. Wow! It has wooden floors and an old fan! It's so different to today's trains. The new train has a BIG air conditioner and shiny floors!

What a great day! Time to go home. See you next time!

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Transportation Park
What a wonderful day! Let's go ride bikes at the transportation park. Who can ride a bike with training wheels?

"I can!!!"

Make sure to follow the road rules. Stop at the red light, wait at the railroad crossing, and stay on the left side of the road.

There are so many things to see and explore! Look, there's the train station! Let's go through the tunnel and over the bridge.

Oh no! There's a big hill! Can you make it up there? Pedal! Pedal!

It was the first time for some of us to ride a bike, but we practiced really hard. After lunch we could ride a bike on the big course.

Wow, what a fun day. Let's come again next year!

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☆ Moon Festival ☆
Now it's September, and autumn is coming quickly. Today we celebrated the harvest moon, which is the first full moon before autumn begins.

Did you know there is a rabbit on the moon? He pounds mochi to make yummy treats! Let's use mochi to paint the moon, and let's make origami rabbits!

We made yummy dango, too. First, you mash tofu and special dango flour together.

Next, you roll the dough into small, round balls. It looks like the moon!

Let's boil until they float, then cool them in ice water.

Last, let's add toppings! How does it taste?

Soooo good!

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Watermelon Smash!
It's nearing the end of summer, so let's go out with a smash! My favorite summer fruit is watermelon, how about yours? Do you remember where watermelons come from?

Let's start by getting the watermelon out. Whoa, it's huge! Are you sure we can break it?

First, we'll put a blindfold on. Can you see? No? That's good! Let's spin around then help our friends find the watermelon. Go straight! Left! No, your other left! Ok, take one step! GO!!!!

It took everyone a few tries, but we finally cracked it. Let's open it and share with all our friends.

Wow, it's really juicy and sweet. How does it taste?

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Spike likes to hide.
The pup hides by the pines......







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Shinagawa Aquarium
Where are you going? "To the aquarium!!!"

It was the perfect day to visit the aquarium. The sun was shining and the park was beautiful during our picnic lunch. Then we could cool down while watching the fish swim by.

Look up! You can see the stingray, moray eel, and giant sea turtle! Did you know that sea turtles can live to 150 years old? Wow!

What's that hiding in the pot? Oh my goodness, it's an octopus! How many legs does an octopus have?

Look over there! You can touch the fish. Do you want to try? "Yes!! They tickle!"

Look behind you! It's a shark!!! Let's get out of here!!!

We had so much fun. Let's go again!

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Summer Festival
It's time for summer! Today, we had a summer festival at school. Even though it was rainy, we could have so much fun.

In the morning, everyone wore their yukatas and jimbeis. They were so colorful! We made animal masks to wear to the summer festival. There were tigers, lions, and foxes. Scary! We also had cute animals like pandas, rabbits, and cats. Everyone looked great in their mask!

After lunch, we could finally go to the summer festival!

Let's eat shaved ice! Which flavor do you like? "I like melon!!" "I like cherry!!"

How many fish did you catch? "Soooo many!"

Wow! You got so many yo-yos! Let's share with our friends.

I can't wait for summer to come again. We had so much fun!

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Fruit Salad
今日はCaterpillar, Ladybug, Grasshopperクラス合同でFruit Saladを作りました!

"Have you guys seen the seed of a peach?"
"Do you think it's big or small like watermelon seed?"
"I think it's small!!"

"Is it small?"
"No!! It's big! It's a giant seed!"

Let's cut the rest of the fruit!


"Close your eyes!"

"This is number one..." ひとつの果物の匂いを嗅いで、 
"This is number two..." もう片方も嗅ぎます。

"Which one was orange? Number one or number two?" 
"Umm...Number one!!"
"You're right!"


"Look! It looks like a tree!"


Let's mix it!
よ〜く混ぜたら出来上がり!Let's eat!

"It's sooooo good!"
"May I have some more please?"

楽しいFruit Salad Partyでした♪
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☆Star Festival☆
PIPのFun Fridayでは七夕祭・Star Festivalを行いました。


"Once upon a time..." 先生が織姫と彦星のお話を

"Who wants to be Hiko-Boshi and Ori-Hime?"

"Yummy Takoyaki!!"

"What is your wish?"

It was a fun day, today.
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