Halloween is Coming!

Halloween is approching!


There are several weeks til the big celebration, so everyone has to get their costumes ready. Who do you want to be for Halloween? Maybe, I'd like to be a werewolf because I can howl at the moon. Plus, they have cool haircuts. -Xico

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Summer Program


The Summer English Pocket Program is almost coming to an end. 

We had so much fun and many adventures. 

It was also a great opportunity to learn alot and explore new things. 


What was your favorite thing you did at English Pocket? 

Do you want to do it again next year?

Let us know! :D


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Summer is almost here
The official day for the summer season to begin is on June 21st. It may not seem like it now, but it is going to get a lot warmer in the coming weeks ahead. What are your plans for the summer vacation? Catching some rays?

Having a cookout?

Checking out the fireworks?
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Life Cycles
This month we will be exploring life cycles in PIP. We have some new friends that just arrived to the Kamikitazawa school. Let’s investigate how it works and even see it happen before our eyes this month.
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Caterpillar's Science

き In class, the caterpillars used Kinetic Sand to shape the different letters of the alphabet.






きThey loved repeating the phonic sound of the letters while they pressed the shapes into the sand.



きAlso, it was alot of fun running the sand between their fingers and feeling the texture.


きWe also used phrases to describe the sand:


"It's soft"

"It feels funny"

"It's pink"


きらきらThe alphabet science project was a success!


リラックマVer.2What's in store for next month!? リラックマVer.2


Always keep a good level of curiosity. 手



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Congratulations and Springtime
Hello! I would like to congratulate the grasshopper class of 2017. You all pulled through and did your very best. There will always be new and exciting adventures waiting for you in your life.

During springtime in Japan, I go and see cherry blossoms and have a picnic underneath the cherry blossom trees. The weather is getting brighter and warmer, so get out there and bask under the sun and admire the tranquility of the blossoms.

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Groundhog Day
Punxsutawney Phil the groundhog from Pennsylvania has come up from his burrow to signal six more weeks of winter. This custom is still done after 130 years when farmers in North America need to know if spring was going to come.

Your Opinion:

Do you believe that this kind of custom should be preserved in the 21st century?
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❄️Winter Wonderland!!❄️

               -taken by Daniel at Kamikitazawa

❄️It's the first snow fall of the winter season in Tokyo!

❄️Are you bundled up and warm? 

❄️Have some tea, or hot chocolate! 


❄️It is the best time to do indoor crafts and reading 

with you little ones. 


❄️Would you like some ideas?


❄️Here's an idea!


What you will need:


  • white paper
  • kids scissors 



You can help them make lines on a piece of paper to cut out and then, 

hang them up on the window/s. They will love it! 


* With childern under the age of 3, they can color the paper and

you can cut the paper into snowflakes for them.

Have them try to hang them up or stick them on the window with tape. :) 


Image result for make snowflakes with kids


Enjoy the snow! Stay safe and warm! 

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Happy New Years!
We hope everyone had a great start to 2018. At the beginning of the year we make resolutions. Resolutions are promises to oneself to change something for the better. Some of them to get into shape. What are your resolutions for 2018?

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Christmas Practice
Happy holidays!

We are having our full rehearsals for our upcoming Christmas concert this Friday the 22nd. Here some photos of what’s going on. Make sure everyone practices their songs and dances at home too. Always remember to smile and keep on going!
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