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Yesterday, I spent the day with this guy...


This is a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Maybe you've heard of him. He was a dinosaur who lived on earth more than 65 million years ago. 

Tyrannosaurus Rex is one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs to ever be discovered. That means that he was a meat-eater and ate other dinosaurs! He would hunt dinosaurs the same way that a lion or tiger hunts his prey. 


Can you see how big his head is? He had a large skull and a powerful bite. In fact, he had the most powerful bite of any land animal that ever lived. 

And look at those teeth! He used them to rip and pull the flesh of other dinosaurs. Watch out, other dinosaurs!


Tyrannosaurus Rex was as tall as a giraffe and the same length as a school bus! He had strong thighs and a powerful tail that helped balance his large head and allowed him to move quickly. 


T-Rex lived in North America in forested river valleys where it hunted plant-eating dinosaurs. Like the other dinosaurs, T-Rex suddenly became extinct. Nobody knows what happened to them but many scientists believe that a huge meteorite hit the earth and killed all the dinosaurs. 


I wonder what happened to them, don't you?


Still, it's a good thing that there aren't any T-Rexs running around Kami-Kitazawa today, don't you think so? 




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