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Rainy season is here!

Rainy season has begun! That means there will be plenty of days where we can't go outside to play. Some people think it's no fun to stay indoors, but what can we do to have fun inside? How can we pass the rainy season days?


There are many things we can do to have fun indoors. You can read a book or watch a favorite movie, or listen to music and dance about the room. Perhaps you'd like to do a puzzle or play a board game with your family, or maybe you'd like to draw a picture or do a painting. You can make a craft or do some origami. You can even make a gift for your mom and dad. 


Or how about helping your mother in the kitchen? If you're lucky she'll let you bake some cookies. You can play card games with dad or do coloring with your brothers and sisters.


There are many things you can do on a rainy day. You can even tidy your room or study English! 


Summer will be here soon and then it will be hot, hot, hot! So enjoy indoors play while the rainy days last. 




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