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Insects and bugs

This month in Ladybug class we learned about insects and bugs.


Many people think that insects and bugs are the same thing, but they're not!


Insects have:


* Six legs

* Three body parts

* Two antennae


An ant is an insect because it has six legs, three body parts (a head, a thorax and an abdomen ), and two antennae. 


But a spider is NOT an insect. A spider has eight legs, two body parts and no antennae. A spider is a bug! Its scientific name is an arachnid.


We learned many interesting things about insects and bugs and also talked about how it is important to respect insects and bugs even if we think they're yucky. Insects and bugs are living things and we shouldn't squish them just because we think they're icky.


What insects do you like? The students in my class like butterflies and ladybugs. They also like roly poly bugs. They didn't like the pictures of spiders, worms or centipedes. Are there any insects of bugs that you dislike?


In New Zealand, we have a BIG insect called a weta. When I was a little boy, I would sometimes find a weta in my backyard crawling along the fence. 



Isn't it cool?


Let's learn more about insects and bugs in the future!




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