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Learn about my origins!

On Friday, August 24th, we are having a special event called "Learn About Daniel's Origins!"


We've done this event before with other teachers and now it's my turn!


As most of you know, I am from New Zealand, but everyone who lives in New Zealand came from somewhere else originally. That's because New Zealand was one of the last places in the world to be inhabited by humans. People first came to New Zealand around 750-800 years ago. 


My ancestors originally came from Ireland and Denmark. Those are two places that many of us know little about. 


Join me as we go on an exciting journey filled with castles, vikings and leprechauns! Eat some traditional food from my ancestral home. Listen to the folklore and hear some local music. Make your own viking helmet and discover the special connection that one of my ancestors has with Japan. 


You'll be surprised by how much you learn!


See you on the 24th!


Daniel, the Irish Viking



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