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I went to Disneyland!

Last Sunday, I went to Disneyland with my daughter and her old kindergarten friends. We had A LOT of fun!


It was raining in the morning but that didn't stop us from riding on the attractions.


I tried Pooh's Honey Hunt for the first time. At my old job, the girls in the office used to always call me "Pooh-chan." They thought I looked like Pooh. So, I felt very comfortable riding my own ride. 


I also tried the Jungle Cruise, Peter Pan's Flight and Pirates of the Caribbean. But the real adventure was the roller coasters. 


If you know me, you'll know that I don't like high places. And I don't like roller coasters. But my daughter wanted to go on the Disney roller coasters with her friends so I had to be brave and ride on them too.


The first one I tried was Splash Mountain. I almost didn't fit into the log because the seat was too small for me but I managed to squeeze in. The Disney staff and the mothers laughed at me. 


I enjoyed Splash Mountain but I didn't like the high speed drops so much. When I saw the photo of the big drop, I was grimacing as we fell. Everybody else had a big smile on their faces but I looked scared.


Next we got on Big Thunder Mountain. I LOVED Big Thunder Mountain. For some reason, Big Thunder Mountain was my kind of ride. I was whooping and hollering the entire time. Afterward, I wanted to go on it again and so did all of the kids.


So, it turns out that I don't mind some roller coasters after all. Next time, I want to challenge Space Mountain! But I will never, ever go on Fuji-Q Highland roller coasters. No siree!



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