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Were you scared during the typhoon?

Last weekend, there was a big typhoon. The name of the Typhoon was "Typhoon Trami."


Typhoon Trami was a severe storm that brought heavy rain, high winds and flooding across Japan. Perhaps you saw some of the damage on TV. 


In my neighbourhood, there was some damage to the cherry blossom trees. My daughter and I couldn't walk the normal way to her school because the street was closed. A policeman told us we had to walk to school a different way.


Typhoon Trami hit Tokyo late at night. Perhaps you were sleeping when it arrived. My daughter was asleep and didn't hear a thing, but Typhoon Trami woke me up! It was SO noisy.


I stayed awake for about three hours as the wind raged through my neighbourhood. Every time it hit my house or a house next to mine, it made a scary rattling noise. 


After a while, I finally fell asleep. When I woke up, the rain had stopped and the sky was clear. It was a beautiful day with vivid blue sky. There wasn't a single cloud in the sky. But there were leaves everywhere and my rubbish bins had been thrown around the street. I had to clean up the mess before I came to English Pocket.


How about you guys? Did you sleep through the typhoon or were you scared as it battered your house? 


My daughter doesn't like typhoons because they break her umbrellas and damage the trees in our neighbourhood. Do you dislike typhoons too?


Let me know what you think!



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