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Fiction from Grade 5 Writing Class

The Grade 5 writing students have been working on "cause-and-effect" stories, where one event leads to a second event, which causes a third event, and so on. (If you've ever read "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie", you know about this kind of story.) Here is one of our Grade 5 students with her story, and her summary of what she wrote:



"My story is called "When a TYPHOON Came to Tokyo!". The story is about a typhoon that came to Tokyo and made the kids miss school. They couldn't go to school, so they couldn't learn math. Now, school is BORING, because they have to do more math, because a typhoon hit Tokyo.


I enjoyed writing this book because it was fun! I learned how to organize the story. First, I had to think about the story's beginning. Then, I made a graphic organizer. Next, I wrote it on paper and made a book!"


Great work! Stay tuned for more writing from our PIP graduate students.



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