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Happy New Year!

Hi, everyone!


Did you have a good break?


I enjoyed my New Year's vacation a lot. I did many fun things like going to the movies and visiting Sensoji Temple for the first shrine visit of the year.


I ate a lot of delicious food as well. I had toshikoshi soba on New Year's Eve and I ate osechi every day at breakfast time. I like ozoni so every year we prepare rice cakes at New Year's time.


I also celebrated my wife's birthday and had some of the nicest beer I've tasted in a while. Happy!!


The best part of my holidays was spending time with my family. I really enjoyed being with my wife and daughter and teaching Ayane to ride a ripstick.


What did you do during the holidays? Did you have a fun time with your family? How about your New Year's money? Did you spend it or save it? I hope you saved it!


Make sure you tell your teachers what you did during the New Year's break and let's enjoy the new year at English Pocket together!



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